The Nanny State That is Fordham University

By Vikram Bhatia FCRH ’14

You thought the New York Giants came through in the clutch tonight? Fordham University, which the Mara family has doubtlessly donated a significant amount of money to, and its sign-in/sign-out policies have turned one fan’s perfect night into a nightmare.

A fan wearing her road white Victor Cruz jersey watched the game on-campus with a friend. Unfortunately, her friend did not live on-campus and left on a train shortly after the game. The problem was that she was not signed out and now the Victor Cruz girl has to pay $15 to Fordham University, fifteen hundred cents that will most likely not be invested properly by the school (there are likely to be zero major speakers at Fordham this semester and the washing machines and driers in O’Hare Hall are often dysfunctional, although there do seem to be even more landscaping projects). She was also on the verge of crying because she had realized her mistake only a few minutes too late.

Fordham University should adjust this policy, striking a better balance between security and personal responsibility. Students on this campus are adults and should be treated as such. What if the Victor Cruz girl wanted to study to prepare for Monday class? Now she will likely be miserable and not be able to focus. The Giants have done what 32 National Football League teams strive for every season, win the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, one of their fans will not be able to celebrate because of the school she overpays to attend. Is the Victor Cruz girl partly responsible? Yes. But the policy should not be in effect in the first place.  What do you think can be done to improve the guest system at Fordham?

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